Monday, April 23, 2012

Looking forward to...

There are so many wonderful things on the calendar and countdowns are ticking away! I'm so excited for... 4/25-4/27: My visit to D.C. this week to reconnect with the Daughters of Charity and work our Alumni Reception at the Capitol! 4/27: Caitlin's 27th Birthday - Club 27 Themed and Live Band Karaoke! 4/29: Ballet with Rob & Brian Regan with Caitlin. YES! 5/1: Our 2nd Tasting with Hearty Boys! YUM. 5/6: Emi's Christening & Celebration! 5/9-5/23: Vanessa's visit - in from Germany for 2 weeks! 5/19: Our TEN YEAR Anniversary. Madness. 5/24: Snoop Dogg with Stef & Jacki. Hilarious. 5/29: Nature on Tap at the Nature Museum. Excited! 5/25-5/27: Weekend up at the Chalet. My favorite. Just a short while longer until the Liebls welcome baby #2 to the world! Only about 11 more weeks until Rob's bro ties the knot! 13 more weeks until Hunky Dory! 16 more until Camp Wandawega! Just 166 more days until Rob and I make it official! It's going by so quickly! 2012 is great.

Monday, April 16, 2012

fun weekend!

I'm still enjoying the freedom I have from being done with Grad School. This weekend I was determined to try some new things and not waste any time. On Friday, I planned a fun outing to the northside of the city to go to Big Joe's for turtle races. The MC was SO loud and annoying, but the turtles were pretty adorable just sitting there on the table not really moving. Such a funny race to watch. Caitlin's turtle came in 2nd on one of the races though! Afterwards we went to Hamburger Mary's for some awesome desserts. Cait got smores that you cook at your table and Rob and I split deep fried twinkies. Delic! On Saturday we went to the Brookfield Zoo to celebrate my Dad's birthday and the Shaklees came along. The rain held off and were were able to enjoy the day. I've never gone that late in the afternoon - we found that the animals were very different that time of day. We got to see the kangaroos having some snacks, the wild dogs running around, the okapi playing and coming really close to check us out and the grizzly bear was finally moving again. I had so much fun seeing Meg, Bella, Ryan and Emi! Always a treat! After the zoo we took my parents to The Bohemian Crystal, a Czech restaurant in Westmont. I haven't been there in about 6 years and Rob and I were both so excited for some tasty food. They give you soooo much food! We were so full afterwards! It was a great day to help my dad celebrate! On Sunday Rob and I explored our neighborhood and checked out some places we hadn't been before before I went to my service trip reunion. I had such a good time reuniting with my kids and getting back into that mindset. I was so inspired and reinvigorated by visiting with them and hearing the stories of the other groups. I'm so grateful for so much free time and I hope I can continue to plan fun outings on the weekends throughout the spring!