Friday, August 1, 2014

Things I love right now

* Quotes on Pinterest. I'm officially obsessed. They make me happy when I'm sad or stressed and I've been posting a new one as my gchat status to set a tone for the week. I also have been making quote books and framed quotes for gifts lately. Loving it!

* Coloring. Yes, that's right; I'm 30 years old and like to color. Atleast they make coloring books for grownups!

* Coffee. Still can't believe how quickly I became addicted. I'm loving Cafe Au Laits and Cappuccinos in particular.

* My Summer Pass at PSF. I am so glad I bought a summer pass at my fitness studio. I've been going a ton and loving it. It's been great to really push myself and to be this strong!

* This weather. It hasn't been that hot lately and I feel so grateful for it! I know most people are griping that it has been too cool but I am one happy camper!

* My Best Buddies Fleece. Not much to say about this, just really love it.

* Our front porch. What a wonderful treat it is to have a covered porch. I'm loving sharing meals and beers with friends and Rob out there!