Friday, February 24, 2012

fun filled march!

i'm getting so excited about everything i have planned in march! rob and i are going to see the punch brothers next week, i have some dates planned with my high school buds, a meeting with stef to discuss save the dates & invites for the wedding, i have some awesome events going on for work including an irish whiskey tasting, i've got some birthday celebrations mixed in there, a valentine's day redo, my first bulls game and i'll be gone for a whole week in bladensburg for a student service trip - i'm so nervous and excited!

what a great month!

Friday, February 17, 2012

sick valentine.

i came down with the stomach flu on monday morning and i'm still recovering. i spent valentine's day in pajamas on the couch rather than at the french restaurant rob had made reservations at. i ate a piece of toast instead of the duck i had planned to order and had gingerale instead of a glass of wine. but regardless of the circumstances, i still had a lovely valentine's day with my valentine. rob took great care of me. he made sure i had different medicine and plenty of fluids at all times. he brought me get well/valentine's day flowers to brighten the room and he insisted we open gifts that day. he got me tickets to the ballet this spring - a absolute favorite activity of mine! and a terrarium class too! i can't wait for both! he's so damn thoughtful. i got us bulls tickets and a coffee and chocolate tasting. we have so many things to look forward to! even though i was couch bound on actual valentine's day we spent the weekend doing fun things. on saturday night we went to a 70's themed roller skating party which was a riot and we had a blast. no falls! and on sunday we went to the depaul women's basketball game vs marquette with my parents. they won and we had a great time! we'll have our dinner date eventually to make up for this germy valentine's day, but all i really needed for a happy valentine's day was rob!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

tired traveler.

we got a new staff member on board that will be coordinating our regional programs. i have had the opportunity to go with her to orlando last week and atlanta this week to help her with our events in those cities. last week it was 80 degrees and sunny in orlando and we had enough time to get a nice lunch and i got a workout in before our event. after the lovely event we grabbed drinks and food and got to bed at a reasonable time. the next day we checked out late and went out for brunch. i didn't land back in chicago until 4 p.m. so i just went straight home and relaxed. it was great! for atlanta we had early flights and i was super tired when we arrived. all i really cared about was getting some quality comfort food and that mission was accomplished. first thing we did was go to Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles in midtown. the servers were so friendly and there was a good mix of locals and tourists. we both loved our chicken and waffles! afterwards we didn't have a ton of time before our event so we just did some work before heading to the venue. the event went well and afterwards we grabbed dinner with other staff at an american/southern tapas place. my favorite tapas were fried green tomatoes, bbq pulled pork egg rolls, spicy mac & cheese and krispie kreme bread pudding. we had a great time chatting and eating but by the end i was so tired! when we got back to our hotel i could not sleep. i had drank way too many diet cokes at the event and was totally wired so that 6 a.m. est wake up call was pretty brutal and so was not being able to sleep on the flight and coming straight to work. even though my eyes are burning, i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to visit new places, meet alumni in different parts of the country and get out of the city for a bit. i'm always happy to come home to my beloved chicago though!