Thursday, August 30, 2012

Wandawega Lake Resort

A few weeks ago Rob and I took a pre-wedding honeymoon to Wisconsin at this great place we found called Wandawega Lake Resort. It's billed as a very rustic, vintage lake resort. It's just under 2 hours away from the city so it was a quick drive. We made a stop at the local market for our favorite New Glarus beers and some cheese, sausage and local produce. Then we pulled into the resort and couldn't believe how cool it was. We got settled into our adorable cabin and then got a tour from the property manager. We couldn't believe all the fun stuff that was all around for us to do - we felt overwhelmed with all of the possibilities but made our way down to the small beach for some sunbathing first. The lake isn't nearly as nice as Lake Clare at Hunky Dory and the beach is much smaller so there wasn't a ton of room to sprawl out. It was still really nice to relax by the water and get some sun. We went for a canoe ride all the way around the lake which was good exercise and we always have nice chats when we take canoe rides. We also took advantage of all the swings and hammocks they have throughout the resort, explored the treehouse and rest of the camp, tried to ride bikes (flat tires) and Rob had fun with the archery before we went to a recommended dinner spot for a Friday fish fry. Rob got the fish and I went for a burger. The place was very cute and we enjoyed chowing down and indulging in some great junk food. Afterwards we hung out on the deck, played pool in the lodge and then watched a movie up in the awesome treehouse until it was time for bed. The next day we went to a farmers market in town and got some produce and fudge. We found a doughnut shop and a coffee shop too. When we got back we had snacks and Rob played his banjo on the porch and I did wedding crafts and emails. I made a greek salad pita for our lunches that we got to enjoy on our porch too. There were a ton of kids running around that arrived that day so it wasn't nearly as peaceful and it was very crowded by the lake so we waited until later to hang out on the beach after we took a nice long walk through the neighborhood. That night we grilled chicken & gouda sausages and vegetables and had potato salad for dinner. There was a campfire that night and it was swarming with kids and the moms were holding on tightly to their smores supplies but we managed to get some. We got in some more pool games that I lost horribly at and then we watched episodes of the Wonder Years on Rob's laptop before going to bed early. The next morning there was a photo shoot for a catalog and there was tons of crazy stuff going on. They were bringing in cows and goats into our cabin that we cleared out of after a nice final canoe ride. We watched the madness from the treehouse and ate snacks while they made a winter scene for our cabin and brought in Abigail the cow. There was also outdoor mass going on by the lodge. A whole parish comes! We checked it out for a bit, but it wasn't really our style so we returned to the treehouse. After awhile we were ready to head home and we made one last stop at the market to load up on New Glarus before getting back to the city. I really thought this place might compete with Hunky Dory, but it's got nothin on it. No ping pong, no ice cream, no meals cooked for you, no water skiing, not as many stars, strong cell phone service, twice as many screaming children and no bathrooms in your cabin! EEK! But overall, it was a really great time. It was so nice for us to get away together and spend some quality time together and to just kick back and enjoy the outdoors at a cool place. The decor there was incredible and we loved all the swings and hammocks. The owners are incredibly nice and really great hosts. They've created a very special and cool place! I hope we can go back sometime!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Our first shower!

My Aunt Anne, Aunt Joan and my mom thew us a beautiful shower last weekend! They selected a Francesca's in Bolingbrook that had a really pretty area in the center of their restaurant. My DePaul girlfriends and coworkers, family and family friends attended. They put together very cute arrangements on the table with bright gerber daisies in bud vases and everyone had a cute favor box with a lotto ticket and lucky penny on a card that said Rob and Jen are lucky in love, how lucky are you? and a bunch of candy with custom wrappers that my mom made. So sweet! Lunch was really delicious - they did a great job selecting the menu. We had a yummie salad with bleu cheese, chicken with spinach and potato and ricotta gnocchi. Our favorite part was the pasta. We had cream puffs for dessert too. It was nice to sit with my cousins, aunts and our moms to catch up while we ate. After we ate we started opening gifts - there were A LOT. Everyone was SO generous - we couldn't believe it. We had a really good time opening everything and seeing who picked out what. We are so well stocked now to host parties and holidays! My mom and aunt Anne even found a retro warming tray on eBay - I've wanted one forever! My boss let her two awesome kids pick out gifts on their own and Ryen picked out this adorable photo album set and her little boy, Logan picked out the banana hanger! I really didn't think anyone would get it so I was very excited that it was purchased. We've been using it ever since. Half way through gifts we had everyone do a fill in the blank game about me and Rob. We gave a prize for most accurate and most ridiculous. My coworkers won most accurate! and my mom's friends and my friends won for most ridiculous. It was really fun to hear what people came up with. We left feeling overwhelmed with gratitude, excitement and love for everyone! We are so lucky to have been showered with so much love and now our house feels more like a home. Can't wait for our second shower in a few weeks hosted by Amy and Mrs. J!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 months away!

The big day is only 60 days away!!!! Things are coming together nicely and we're always working on something for the wedding when we're at home. We sent out our invitations a couple of weeks ago and we've already gotten a number of replys - all yeses! I picked up our rings - which turned out perfectly! I had my first hair trial that was terrible so I have a new place I'm trying next week. I'm going to my first dress fitting tonight and Rob is working on getting his suit tailored. Our first shower hosted by my aunts and mother is this Sunday. My makeup trial is at the end of the month. We're almost done with the ceremony and the playlist for the reception. Rob's been working on designing signage for throughout the reception and I've been tackling some diy projects. My mom finished the flower girl flag and she's going to tackle the ring bearer pillow next. And we've been working on finalizing all the plans for our honeymoon in Charleston and Savannah, which has been so fun! I truly feel like we've been kicking ass - I only get stressed every once and awhile but for the most part we've stayed really on top of things. I've started getting emotional thinking about walking down the aisle to my babe - realizing how soon it is and how excited I am to make it official! Can't wait!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hunky Dory 2012

We had another great week up at Hunky Dory with the Jensen Family! We were really lucky with several days of hot, sunny weather for lots of time in the water, sunbathing and floating out in the lake. I got to ski and canoe and do morning walks with Rob's mom and sister-in-law. We ate as much as we could handle like usual. Played some bags, lots of ping pong and some euchre. Lots of quality time on the porch swings that I love dearly. Ate some curds and burgers at The Eagle. Watched a real bald eagle grab it's lunch from the lake. Hung out with some cute frogs. Team effort to complete a very difficult puzzle and saw plenty of shooting stars. Mostly, I worked on my tan, my mindless reading and checked out of real life for a week - which is always much needed! There were several family members missing this year so it was a bit quiet and a little different, but still a great year. Can't wait for next year when the entire family can be together!