Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Munich & Merano Trip 2013

Rob and I journeyed to Munich this August for my best friend's wedding! It was such a great trip and we got to do so many fun things and end the trip with a beautiful celebration of Vanessa & Tobi's love! Here are some highlights from our trip:

Day 1

We got to spend lots of quality time with Ness, Tobi and her niece Izzy in Munich before anyone else arrived. We got to check out their apartment and then we went to the English Garden to relax and enjoy the sun. We also looked at the surfers that hang out on the river, got ice cream, toured around the city a bit, napped and then reconnected for sangria and tapas for dinner. We took a nice walk around the city center after dinner before going to bed early.

Day 2

Tobi picked me and Rob up to go to Dachau, a concentration camp just outside the city. It was huge and a bit overwhelming, but we all learned a lot. After that we picked up the girls and went to the Starnberger See for more relaxation and sun. It was so pretty there and I'm so glad we got a chance to see it! We went to a big biergarten for dinner and live music that night. We tried obatza (delic dip) with pretzels and radishes, schnitzel and roast chicken and ofcourse bier!

Day 3

Rob and I did a bit of sightseeing on our own this morning and went to the Viktualienmarkt for shopping. Then we shopped for souvenirs and a new shirt for me from Zara - my fav - and saw the glockenspiel work its magic around noon before meeting the crew for drinks at Hofbrau House. It was super crowded so we went to a Hacker Pschor brewery for food. We walked along the Isar (the river) and got cupcakes before heading back to their apartment for some crafting. It was so great to have 3 whole days with my best bud and gear up for her big day!

Day 4

Rob and I checked out of our Munich hotel, took the train to the airport, grabbed our rental car and then drove 5 hours to Merano in Italy. We thought the drive was going to take about 3 hours and 20 minutes but it just didn't work out that way! We drove all the way up a mountain and then back down to get to Merano. It was absolutely gorgeous but a tad stressful/frustrating. When we finally arrived we went to The Gardens of Trattmansdorff Castle - a huge botanic garden set in the mountains. We grabbed a bite to eat and then toured around in the hot sun. It was really beautiful there and we had a great time. Then we drove to our hotel, The Miramonti Boutique Hotel, that was up in the mountains. We have NEVER EVER stayed anywhere so luxurious/fancy in our lives. It was such a treat! They upgraded our room and it was gorgeous overlooking the mountains and town of Merano. We had dinner in their "stube" that night - incredible pasta for me and goulash for rob.

Day 5

We woke up and enjoyed a decadent breakfast at the hotel before driving into the city to the Thermal Baths. We had NO idea what to expect but when we arrived we discovered it was basically a pool facility that had heated pools and that there were pools with different purposes (i.e. helping with circulation, helping with vericose veins). It was an absolutely gorgeous day and we loved our time there. Definitely a highlight of the trip. After that we just walked around the city soaking in the sites. We even dipped our feet in the rapid river in the center of the city - it was freezing but so awesome! We got gelato - banana and nutella for me and vanilla and nutella for Rob. It was so nice! Then we went back to the hotel and did a little hike around the hills there and then enjoyed the pool and tried to do it up in the sauna but it was a bit out of my comfort zone (close quarters with naked strangers). Then we went to the fancy restaurant for dinner that evening and enjoyed some incredible food and views of the mountains. We shared an awesome caprese platter and Rob had a deer burger and I had a ravioline with mushrooms and truffles. It was a lovely last night.

Day 6

After another amazing breakfast we made the drive from Merano to Oberdarching for the wedding! It took over 4 hours again :( so we arrived a bit late. The wedding venue is a gorgeous mansion overlooking the mountains and there are cows! We got to work - Rob helping with bar set up and me helping with pom pom assembling. We helped with decorating and other set up needs and then went to our apartment to get ready for the night before dinner at the hotel. It was so nice to be reunited with Ness and Tobi and finally connect with Darcy, Frank, Ry and Megan! We had such a great time at the dinner - Rob had Ox and I had fish. It was all delic!

Day 7

Wedding Day finally arrived! We woke up bright and early to a gorgeous day and met Ness and Tobi at the venue for a beautiful breakfast outside. Then Ness got ready in her gorgeous courthouse dress and we went to the courthouse in town for their ceremony there. Then we went back to the house for an awesome lunch and then got ready together for the church ceremony. Rob and the boys got to visit another lake and have lunch together while relaxing before heading back to meet us for the ceremony. Ness looked absolutely gorgeous in her gown and Tobi very dapper in his suit. The church was gorgeous and it was a beautiful ceremony. Then we went back to the venue to partttty!!! We had a great time at the cocktail hour and worked up an appetite for dinner. Some super sweet toasts were made (tobi's made me sob) and then we got to enjoy an awesome Argentinian buffet with tons of choices and cupcakes and treats for dessert. Then we danced and danced, enjoyed outside and danced some more. It was such a fun, special celebration!

Day 8

The next day we went to a biergarten in town by our apartment and they were having a celebration so they had cheap food and beer and live music! It was just what we needed. Then we went back to the venue to help with finishing touches of cleaning up and did some fun photos. Then we drove back to Munich and relaxed at Nessa's apartment for awhile watching funny videos before walking through the English Garden, grabbing a bier and more obatza and pretzels and then going out for pizza. Then we all crashed at Ness and Tobi's before we had to leave for the airport in the wee hours of the morning. It was SUCH an amazing trip - total whirlwind filled with great sights, good food and lots of love.