Sunday, August 1, 2010

Recap of the craziest vacation EVER!

i just returned from Hunky Dory and it was quite the week! the vacation was literally doomed but we still somehow managed to have lots of fun. it started off last weekend with driving through an intense rain storm, the arriving at hunky dory to discover the boat needed a new battery - mr. j went to buy one and then it disappeared - stolen, lost, forgotten - we still don't know! then there was a gas leak in the boat, then rob's brother-in-law threw out his back, rob's cousin had a minor tubing accident and there were also bear sitings so we were freaking out about that. then there was a tornado/crazy storm that took out 48 trees and 4 cars -all jensen cars :( and left us with no electricity or water on and off for the rest of the trip. it was a HUGE downer and really upsetting to see the resort so messed up. i've never seen a storm like it. we watched it all go down from the lodge - trees snapping in half and being uprooted and canoes being lifted and blown into the water. no one was hurt but it caused so much damage. luckily the neighbors and friends pulled through and worked so hard to get everything up and running. that night rob's cousin's girlfriend got in a car accident on her way to pick up his cousin and totaled her car! it was one disaster after another! but miraculously by the next day a lot had been cleared up and breakfast was still served on time. but the drama didn't end for long - the day before we left rob's dad dislocated his hip! he had to be taken to a hospital to get it put back in place and he didn't get to come back with us. one of his sisters drove him back the next day. luckily he's doing alright now. we found out that night that one of the neighbors suffered a mild heart attack and on the way home rob's brother got pulled over for a speeding warning too! i know it sounds like i'm making it up but it all happened! totally doomed i tell ya.

despite all of this craziness we still had a lot of fun. i saw more animals then ever before up there - lots of eagle sitings, huge snapping turtle, tons of chipmunks, a snake, a baby squirrel, finches and more. i skiied a lot, walked and ran a few times, canoed and even got a little tan without getting too sunburned. and ofcourse - ate my little heart out. however, the best part was baby luke being there! i LOVE him and loved every second i got to hold him and make him laugh. it was sooo fun to have a baby around. i can't wait to see him in october - he will be so big by then! it was also great to spend so much time with rob's brother who will be leaving for bali in about a week. he will be gone for 10 months so it was wonderful for all of us to have so much quality time. it was also perfect to spend so much time with rob because i'm going to be leaving for FRANCE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll blog all about it when i return on august 15. see ya!

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