Friday, December 17, 2010

christmas season countdown!

i've REALLY been enjoying the holiday season this year - so unlike me! and there are a lot of really fun things on the agenda. so here is my official holiday season countdown:

1 day till high school bff fun for stef's birthday and decorating the tree with my folks
2 days until fam christmas celebration at my aunt & uncle's
3 days until i give my seniors their christmas gifts!
4 days till my mom and i do the walnut room AND rob takes me out for my surprise christmas dinner
5 days till my last day of work for 11 days!
6 first day of vacation!
7 days until christmas eve
8 days until christmas day at my aunt's
9 days until i get to see amy, luke and tom and celebrate the jensen's christmas!
10 days until rob's dad's side gets together for christmas
11 days until i take a day for myself in the city
12 days until i do the same thing :)
13 days until we get to spend more time with the luke meister in the burbs
14 days until new year's eve!
15 days until i get to hang out with my bestest that will be in from germany
16 days until high school bffs do our junk food dinner party at meg & rys!!!

A FABULOUS 16 days if you ask me!!!!