Friday, February 17, 2012

sick valentine.

i came down with the stomach flu on monday morning and i'm still recovering. i spent valentine's day in pajamas on the couch rather than at the french restaurant rob had made reservations at. i ate a piece of toast instead of the duck i had planned to order and had gingerale instead of a glass of wine. but regardless of the circumstances, i still had a lovely valentine's day with my valentine. rob took great care of me. he made sure i had different medicine and plenty of fluids at all times. he brought me get well/valentine's day flowers to brighten the room and he insisted we open gifts that day. he got me tickets to the ballet this spring - a absolute favorite activity of mine! and a terrarium class too! i can't wait for both! he's so damn thoughtful. i got us bulls tickets and a coffee and chocolate tasting. we have so many things to look forward to! even though i was couch bound on actual valentine's day we spent the weekend doing fun things. on saturday night we went to a 70's themed roller skating party which was a riot and we had a blast. no falls! and on sunday we went to the depaul women's basketball game vs marquette with my parents. they won and we had a great time! we'll have our dinner date eventually to make up for this germy valentine's day, but all i really needed for a happy valentine's day was rob!

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