Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bucket List

After watching an episode of Little People, Big World at the gym yesterday, I was inspired! Amy, the momma, was celebrating her birthday and her husband planned a bucket list road trip. Brilliant! I was pretty impressed with the items on her list and that her husband knew all of them. She went hang gliding, ran a B&B for a day and did improv. I missed the end but I'm sure she did more. Anyway, this got me thinking...what's on my bucket list? I've already gone sky diving, done the flying trapeze, road race carts...what's left? What are my must dos and sees before I die?? I thought long and hard and here's what I came up with: Own a lake house in Michigan with a boat. This is more like a life long dream and everyone knows it. All I really want out of life is a lake house for me and Rob to retire in. Visit all 50 states. I've seen 19 states so far so I have a long way to go! I would love to visit a state park and/or zoo in each state. Visit Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland and Africa. Those are my must sees! I'd really like to go on safari and/or volunteer in Africa and visit places of worship in each city I visit. Swim with dolphins. Enough said! Be able to do clap push ups. I've always wanted to be strong enough to do this. Ridiculous, I know. See the Stones in concert. Hopeful! Learn a second language. I'm atrocious at languages but I've always wanted to learn ASL or Czech. We'll see! Enter and win an eating contest. Especially thin crust pizza or taco bell tacos. What's on your bucket list? *Additions after more consideration* Travel first class overseas. Start a summer camp. Box.


  1. I love this post! I was going through some old drawers a few weeks ago and found a bucket list of mine from high school/college. Here are some of the ones I remember -

    -Sell corn at the state fair
    -See a filming of The Tonight Show (done!)
    -Publish something
    -Visit Fiji
    -Live in another country

  2. Jen - I'll go with you to all those European countries :) We can check those off together!