Thursday, April 24, 2014

Chicago Food Scene

In the past I've been really eager to try the best new restaurants in Chicago. When we started saving for the wedding and focusing on getting in shape, I became more interested in cooking at home and eating well. Lately I've been getting excited about restaurants to try again and it's mostly because I've been seeing new trends in places around the city including using local ingredients, organic and natural ingredients, vegetarian options galore and places that benefit the community. Here are some places I'm excited to try. Sandwich Me In

This place uses local ingredients and is TRASH FREE! They go through great lengths to produce no trash. Pretty impressive!

Inspiration Kitchens

One of our favorite places to go that gives job training to at risk members of the community. Oh and the food is DELIC!

Milt's BBQ for the Perplexed

Rob and I have been dying to try this kosher BBQ spot in our old hood. 100% of their profits go to charity. AWESOME!

Mista Pizza

Rob and I only had it once or twice but it's a great, super crisp pizza with organic ingredients. We need to go back!

LYFE Kitchen

I've been eager to try this new casual dining spot in River North that uses sustainable ingredients and has lots of organic and vegetarian options. They also include calories and sodium for each item on the menu.

Blue Door Farm Stand

I'm pumped to try this for lunch tomorrow. They only use ingredients that are in season and I believe local. Can't wait!

Blue Sky Bakery

Similar to Inspiration, they provide job training for at risk teens. I'm excited to try this place for my friend Leah's shower soon!

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