Friday, August 7, 2009

the answer is always yes....

...when someone asks me to help. even if they don't ask for help i manage to get involved in situations. it's in my blood. it's even worse when an animal is in need. i have no breaking point with animals - like the foster cat that repeatedly pooped on my belongings. so when i heard that my neighbor/coworker found a cockatiel on her back porch i ofcourse got involved. last sunday my coworker found this cutie shown above on her porch all puffed out and stressed. her and her husband brought it inside to take care of. they put up posters and info on craigslist to try to connect with the bird's owner. unfortunately they didn't hear anything and even more unfortunately they have a cat so the bird could not be a longterm resident. luckily the bf's mom is a bird expert/lover/whisperer and was willing to help out. she has a bird mansion at home with 4 other feathered friends and was open to adding one more to the gang. on wednesday i had an event for work in the suburbs and was able to grab a proper birdcage for this little guy to keep him at my apartment until sunday when the bf's mom can come pick him up. i dragged the cage full of bird toys, bells and mirrors onto the train, into work, to the chiropractor, on the el and all the way home. i got all sorts of funny glances and questions throughout the day. i got home and was sick of carrying it and for some reason yelled at the bf about it. who knows why. he said well it wasn't his idea to get involved. that shut me up. why the heck did i feel the need to go through so much trouble for this bird? it never crossed my mind to NOT get involved. i'm happy i did go through the trouble because he's super sweet with cute little chirps, cat call whistles and eating habits like me (nonstop chowdown). i know that being helpful is usually considered a good quality to have but i swear in my case its compulsive. someday i'm going to go overboard. but for now i'm going to enjoy my temporary bird friend :)

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  1. just think... you probably made someone's day who saw you on the el with your little bird =) you produced several dinner conversations!