Friday, August 28, 2009

welcome fall!

it's fall in chicago! maybe not officially but it definitely feels like it this week and i LOVE it. the past couple of days have been super rainy and cool. i got to fall asleep the past 2 nights to rain showers with cool air coming in my window. it's starting to get darker earlier. i know there will be a few more blazing days in chicago but right now i'm happy that i don't have to deal with sweating and a/c. when i go out this weekend the streets wont smell like hot garbage and the bars won't be stuffy and gross. with this weather i get to pull out a few of my favorite things! i've been having day dreams about wrapping up in my favorite gray, cozy wrap, breaking out my favorite brown riding boots, wearing layers and fall fashion. i never wear bright colors so i'm glad my neutral and dark colored wardrobe will be appropriate again. i am getting major deja vu as i always do at this time of year. the crisp air and early sunsets are giving me colorguard/marching band flashbacks...yes i was a dork. but it was a huge part of my high school life and this is definitely marching band weather. and being in chicago this time of year reminds me of my first quarter at depaul. that was such a special time for me as a transfer student-discovering and exploring chicago, meeting new friends and starting new classes with a new major. i love that when this time of year hits it brings a rush of favorite memories that i associate with weather. i'm not a summer hater but fall is definitely my favorite! i'll be sad to ditch the flip flops for flats but honestly, the pros of autumn definitely outweigh the cons for me. yay fall!

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  1. OMG! I was a dork too! And...lucky me...I graduated to Geek! :o)

    Enjoy your fall!! We don't get that in Houston....