Friday, November 19, 2010

free time freak out.

i'm so not used to having free time. i usually have every hour planned out and allotted for a particular task or activity. i like being busy. i am more productive when i'm busy. i've always had a hard time relaxing and sitting still. i can't just sit and watch movies or read a book. i have to do it at the same time or make cards, scrapbook, clean or do emails. i'm the queen of multi tasking. when i sit on the couch i often just perch so that i'm ready to get up and do something right away. i know, i have a problem. of course there are times when i can just kick back and totally veg out but they are few and far between. now that school is over for 6 weeks and there is a lull at work until bball season picks up, i'm going to have a lot of free time. this weekend for instance - i don't have anything i HAVE to do on saturday and sunday during the day. this is completely foreign to me and it's actually a little unsettling. it makes me think i'm forgetting something. i wrote out a big to do list of things i could do but nothing is super pressing. everyone keeps telling me to just enjoy it. but i honestly don't even know how. i feel better with a plan. so this is my plan for tomorrow.

* Sleep in
* Watch my netflix in my pjs
* Finish my arts & crafts
* Drop off donations
* Nap at some point
* Go out with my girlfriends

i can take it easy and still have a plan!

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