Thursday, November 11, 2010

girl's weekend!

my best bud tara won a free weekend in a cabin in galena and she invited and she invited me and a bunch of our other girlfriends to join her last weekend! we had a great time catching up, drinking lots of wine, eating lots of junk food and making friends with the locals. some highlights were:

* getting taco bell on the drive down - mmmm nachos bell grande!
* girl talking and drinking wine until the wee hours of the morning
* trying a variety of spicy and hot foods at the farmers market and different shops. hot and spicy is big in galena apparently!
* meeting real life ghostbusters - hilarious
* the stars were phenomenal
* trying my first "beer nugget"
* waking up from a nap to the most gorgeous autumn sunset and doing an impromptu photo shoot
* sampling beers at the galena brewery
* singing karaoke and getting the crowd amped up
* getting the girls to do a little photo shoot by our cabin in their pjs before taking off

overall it was a great weekend! so nice to leave the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and catch up with my favorite ladies. hope we can do it again sometime!

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