Thursday, April 28, 2011

saying goodbye to boystown & solo living.

on saturday i will be leaving east lakeview which i have been a resident of for the past 4 years. i will also be leaving my studio apartment and moving to a big girl apartment with the fiancée. still weird to say fiancée. we're moving to roscoe village which is west of where we live now. i absolutely love the area. it's very residential and quiet but there are lots of great restaurants and bars on our street. it's easier to find parking and it's easier to get to wicker park where most of my friends live now but also easy to still get back to east lakeview where some of my other friends live. our new place is very old but very spacious. i can't believe i'll actually have a bedroom door! it's been 3 years since i last had one! and a huge kitchen and office. but best yet - washer & dryer in unit! yay! i'm really excited to officially move in with rob too. it'll be fun to build our new home together and start a new chapter. i'm not really going to miss my apartment at all but the neighborhood will definitely be missed - especially the proximity of multiple grocery stores and bus options but mostly the proximity of our favorite mexican restaurant!! i wanted to savor these last few weeks of east lakeviewness so we've been hitting up all the neighborhood gems. we went to the bagel for brunch, shopped on broadway, went to a cubs rooftop, rob ate at the best thai place in the hood and i went to crisp - an amazing chicken joint, and tomorrow we're going to that favorite mexican restaurant one more time. it's been a good ride boystown - but i'm ready for cohabitation in roscoe village! here's hoping the move goes well :)

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