Tuesday, April 5, 2011


i started to lose my voice last week and by sunday all i could get out were squeaks and whispers. i've never lost my voice like that. it didn't hurt and i didn't feel too sick but i couldn't really get any words out. it has been quite the experience. i always knew that i'm a chatty girl but i really had no idea quite how chatty i am until i couldn't use my voice anymore. i also knew people in chicago were friendly, but i didn't realize quite how many said hello, good morning, how are you, etc - until i couldn't respond to them. i spent way more time thinking about what i wanted to say before speaking and whether it was even worth mentioning. i had to prioritize my thoughts since it was so difficult to get words out. i also couldn't properly express emotions without full use of my voice - i received happy news, heard a sad story and participated in a workshop - and i couldn't express myself the way i wanted. i couldnt help but think how hard it would be to not have the ability to speak permanently. i really take the ability to speak for granted and considering my lenten goal was to be a better listener...i think god might have been trying to tell me something!

what ability would be hardest for you to lose?

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