Thursday, July 7, 2011

best summer ever?!

it's only early july and it's already been one of the most fun summers i can remember! it's been so fabulous because:

* we've had awesome weather! i even love the crazy storms we've been getting and the warm, sunny days and warm, cool nights.

* kicked off the summer with our engagement party and lots of good family time!

* got to enjoy a boar roast for tara's birthday! so random and so delicious!

* fostered the sweetest kitten ever.

* had our beer & cheese housewarming party and it was a blast!

* enjoyed greek cuisine on an awesome rooftop with buds.

* enjoyed a few festivals - the taste, mayfest & old town art fair.

* had the best birthday ever up in michigan with friends, fam & rob!

* i've had a mini break from school which means lots of down time/naps/couch lounging/wedding planning.

* all of my summer work events turned out to be super fun and perfect weather: arlington racetrack, volunteer outing at the zoo, & our fireworks boat cruise.

* had lots of quality time with my man. lots of great date nights like our beer & cheese tasting, seeing super 8, grabbing drinks at our neighborhood pub, getting dinner at the publican & seeing his master catch at his softball game :)

and there is still SO much more summer left! i have so many things to look forward to: quality time with my bff tomorrow, 6 flags this weekend, going away party for my bud, kayaking in the river on tuesday!, ferris buellers day off movie in the park on wednesday, pitchfork festival next weekend, belated bday happy hour after that, then it's off to hunky dory with rob's family for a week!!! seriously - best summer ever!

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