Thursday, July 21, 2011

heat wave!

it's a very HOT week with temps in the mid-to high 90s here in chicago. i definitely remember 90s being pretty standard growing up but it's been awhile since we've had numerous day in the upper 90s and everyone can't stop talking about it. yes, it's a total oven outside, but we bitched about how cool our spring was and now we have nothing but heat and everyone is still bitching....including myself. mostly because our air conditioning broke last night! very sucky to wake up in 80 degrees when we're supposed to have central a/c. and this afternoon i have to spend an hour on a rooftop talking to new students with the heat index around 105. so i've joined the bitching band wagon. i'm also very concerned about pets and the elderly - this heat can be very dangerous for them! hopefully the serious heat wave will mellow out to like mid 80s and everyone, including myself will stop complaining!

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