Friday, September 9, 2011

dress shopping & wedding update!

a couple of weeks ago i found my dress!!! after a very unsuccessful first trip, i really didn't think i was going to find what i wanted or have that "feeling" to any dress. but i was wrong! my mom and my best friend stef went with me to a boutique in plainfield called white satin bridal. i arrived early and was immediately disappointed when nearly everything was covered in sparkles, which was exactly what i didn't want. they pulled a bunch of lace dresses which is what i thought i wanted - all covered in glitz but they told me that we could order it without the sequins and beading. i liked some of them, but didn't love any. i had grabbed one off the rack myself that looked nothing like anything i had thought i wanted but i was drawn to it for some reason. and ofcourse when i tried it on, i loved it! i didn't want to take it off, it felt special and right and i even cried just a little bit. stef and i jumped around with excitement too! we tried on more dresses and even went to our other appointment but i couldn't get that dress out of my mind so i knew it was the one. my mom and i went back to the store and bought it. feels so good to have that off our check list! the dress i bought is very different from what i planned so it sort of changes the vibe we were originally planning on so we are making some adjustments here and there to make the wedding more chic than shabby and more vintage than rustic.

we still have to finalize our caterer but we are working on scheduling 2 tastings. we are also working on a florist and hotel blocks. i'm constantly brainstorming ideas for decor and how to make the night more fun for everyone. it'll start coming together soon. we have 393 days still to figure it all out :)

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