Wednesday, October 19, 2011

wedding stuff!

we've been doing some really fun wedding stuff lately and i can't wait to really dive in after school is over in a few weeks! over the weekend i got to take my mom dress shopping at nordstroms for her MOB dress and the first one she tried on was the one! it's this gorgeous teal dress with sleeves and a beautiful collar - it is just perfect for her! it was so fun to do a little fashion show with her and see how great she looks in formal wear. way to go mama! afterwards we went to macy's to register! i wanted my mama to come with to help me figure out what kitchen and house stuff we need because i certainly have no clue. i knew registering would be fun but i had no idea it would be THAT fun! using that gun thing is so addicting and i definitely felt like a kid in a candy shop. i can't wait to do it again with rob closer to the wedding at bed, bath & beyond. tonight rob and i did a tasting with jordan's food of distinction. it ruled! we love their vibe and their food. my favorite hors d'oeuvre was the spoon of mac & cheese with pork belly on top. TO DIE! the entree also kicked ass! we had chorizo stuffed chicken on top of cheesy grits. rob and i both loved it! i can't wait to continue working with them on all the fun details leading up to the day! we're going to see a hotel in evanston on saturday and after that i think there will be a lull in the wedding planning...but not for long!

i love being engaged! we're having so much fun :)

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