Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 Goals Status

The other day I was chatting about resolutions with someone and I couldn't even remember most of the ones I set for myself - not a good sign! I looked back at my blog post about my 2012 goals and I've been working on about half. Not great, but not terrible.

Rob and I did try a lot of new recipes at the start of the new year but it's fizzled out. My favorite is homemade chicken noodle soup which we haven't quite mastered but it always tastes good. It's fun and exciting to try new recipes together - we need to get back in the groove with this!

I have been taking lots and lots of pictures! I'm very proud of this and I'm glad I've captured many fun memories this year already.

Most weeks I am able to work out 4x and a few weeks I was able to do 5. I'm hoping after I return from my student service trip I can get some more 5x weeks in!

I have been trying really hard to spend more time in the suburbs to visit with family and friends. I would say I've done ok so far but I'm hoping as my schedule becomes more flexible I can do more and more suburban visits. Hopefully the gas prices don't make this completely unreasonable!

My finances are definitely more in control now that school is done. It's nice not to be penny pinching but I can always do better.

I have not been a better listener and I have not really exercised patience. Both very important and very big flaws of mine. I have not scrapbooked anything except a present for someone and I have not drawn :( I organized a lot at the start of the year but not much since. Rob and I did rearrange the entire apartment which was fun and can probably be classified as organizing!

It's great to take a moment to make sure I'm accomplishing what I want to this year and to remind myself of the things I haven't been working on. Have you stuck with your resolution?

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