Wednesday, May 9, 2012

150 Days Away!

We are only 150 days away from our wedding day! Time has really been flying as of late. We are in a really good place with everything and we are just getting more excited to make it official by the minute! Last week we went to a second tasting at our caterer and tried the appetizers, cake pops, vegetarian options and kid's meal. Everything was outstanding! We decided on crisp root vegetable latkes with a red pepper relish, bbq pulled pork on a cheesy polenta square, cheddar jalapeno cornbread muffin with honey butter and my personal favorite, a fried chicken and waffle skewer with lavender gravy for our appetizers. We picked a vanilla, lemon and red velvet cake pop - all SO good - to go with our 3 bite pies for dessert and we selected the vegetable napoleon with the rice and quinoa salad for the veg option. We tried the sweet potato and russet potato tots and chicken tenders the little ones will get to enjoy and the tots will also be our late night snack. I literally left the tasting on cloud 9 - I'm so pleased with how the menu has come together and Rob and I are so thrilled with how everything tasted! We registered the other week too and even though it was crazy exhausting, we had a really fun time picking things out. People have already started buying us stuff! Seeing that items have been fulfilled on your registry is honestly a total thrill :) We already know that we'll be getting some pretty amazing stuff - we are so lucky and so grateful that we will be able to add/replace items in our home. We sent our save the dates awhile back and we'll be figuring out invites and the program soon. Rob bought a suit but then decided to return it so we're still on the hunt for him. I got my hair cut at a new salon and decided that's where I'll be getting my wedding up do done with my mom. I confirmed with my seamstress that she can do my dress. We started checking out rehearsal dinner locations and we're not having a ton of luck but we're still trying! We've bought a lot of gifts for our helpers and loved ones. But the biggest achievement lately was booking our honeymoon flights, hotels and even a tour. We're both on the Groupon emails for Savannah and Charleston so we're hoping to snag some good deals. Now it's time to get down to crafting so that we're not left with a bunch of projects at the last minute. I hope to get started on some soon! I'm seriously having way too much fun! I can't wait for the big day to arrive!

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