Thursday, May 24, 2012

Our 10 Year Anniversary!

Somehow Rob and I have been together for a DECADE!!! How is that possible?? Yes, we broke up here and there, but for the most part we have been together since we were 18 years old! We spent our anniversary, May 19, doing fun things together and it was the best day! We made pancakes together in the morning and then we exchanged gifts. Rob got me this really awesome locket that says me & you inside. We love this song called You & Me by Penny and the Quarters and it reminded me of that. It's so cool and I love when Rob gets me jewelry. I got him a John Lucas III t-shirt that is hilarious and stamped a canvas with the reading from our wedding for our bedroom. Rob loved both! After that we were just relaxed for awhile before heading to go shop for Rob's wedding suit. We went to Zara downtown and Rob tried on about half a dozen suits and each one looked better than the last. He settled on a really nice black suit that he looks very handsome in. After that we went to Leonida's Chocolates for a chocolate tasting that came with a hot beverage. Rob got a peppermint latte and I got hot chocolate and we each got to try 6 chocolates. We sat outside and enjoyed the beautiful day. I couldn't even finish the chocolates though because it was just so rich! Afterwards we came home and brainstormed ideas for ceremony music for the wedding before getting all spiffy for dinner at Viaggio. We wanted to eat somewhere that had really amazing Italian food. Yelp came to the rescue and we found Viaggio which is a top rated Italian restaurant near the United Center. It was really casual and not too romantic but we loved the food. Everyone on Yelp said you had to get the meatball salad so ofcourse we did and it was amazing! Who knew meatballs with marinara mixed in a salad would rule your world?! Then we shared cavatelli and a veal dish and ended with lemon sorbet. Everything was so tasty and I'm so glad we went there. After dinner Rob and I grabbed a drink at The Tasting Room. We sat upstairs and had a great seat that overlooked the skyline while we chatted about our upcoming wedding. It was the perfect day and a great celebration of us and our LOVVVEEEE! Just 135 more days until we tie the knot and start a new anniversary!

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