Monday, September 15, 2014

Summer 2014

Everyone in Chicago feels like that we didn't get a real summer because it wasn't very hot. I LOVED it! It was just up my alley with mild temps. Even though the calendar says it's not officially fall yet, it definitely feels like it so I'm ready to recap my summer!

* We moved into an apartment we LOVE! YAY! Finally.

* We celebrated 2 weddings this summer! First we attended Matt & Leah's wedding which was a blast! Later in the summer we had Nessa & Tobi's Chicago wedding celebration which was just perfect. So happy to celebrate these amazing couples!

* We went to Montreal at the beginning of June which was a blast and super relaxing. We went to Hunky Dory for the annual family trip in July and loved every second. We also had a few day trips up to Michigan to enjoy our favorite beach in St. Joe's and visit our usual haunts like Redamak's and try some new ones like Silver Beach Pizza. Even checked out potential lakehouses!

* I went to a lot of fests like any good Chicagoan will do in the summer. I started out at my favorite one, Maifest with my bud Ry. I also went to Ribfest with Tara, Taste of Greek Town with Caitlin, Pitchfork with Rob & Friends, the Hideout Block Party with Rob, Riot Fest with Rob, German American Fest with Rob, Ryann & Bo, Retro on Roscoe with Tara & Friends, and super briefly visited East Lakeview Arts Festival.

* I played Veggie Bingo with Darc and Rob AND won!

* I hit up one Cubs game with Rob and we just ate and ate and the Cubbies actually won!

* I spent time with the fam for numerous bbqs and pizza nights. Lots of talk of playing bags and bocce and then never doing it.

* Rob and I did a ghost tour and it was hilarious.

* I turned THIRTY! and celebrated with all of my most favorite people at Bang Bang Pie Shop. I also got to party with my folks and see Gillian Welch with Rob.

* I had a lot of fun with my DePaul bffs - on an electric boat ride, bowling for Tara's bday, picnicking for Nicole's bday, went to a cool story-telling event, saw a great play at Steppenwolf with Tara, enjoyed a day off on Nicole's amazing rooftop, saw Lydia perform in the Fly Honey Show, yoga-ed on Cait's rooftop, volunteered with Shalva at Sunlight of the Spirit Food Pantry and with Tara at Breakthrough Urban Ministries and hosted several of them at our new apartment for dinners.

* I saw 3 movies in the park this year! I did Moonrise Kingdom with Shalva, Gravity with Shalva and Tara and The Goonies with Rob. So fun!

* I volunteered a lot! I had a ton of fun with my Best Buddy, Connie! We had a picnic together, we visited a nature center and a couple preserves, we enjoyed a DePaul alumni party at her house and we ate lots of ice cream. I volunteered at Bingo ofcourse, at the Sunlight of the Spirit and St. Mary's and the Greater Chicago Food Depository with DePaul alumni, with Tara at Breakthrough and a few times with Rob and helped at Disney Magnet School's Library with Chicago Cares.

It was a great summer but I'm pumped for Fall!

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