Thursday, October 16, 2014

Happy Thoughts

I came across this article about happy thoughts that a friend posted on Facebook and decided to do one of the things it suggested - to write down 3 good things that happened everyday and to consider why those good things went well. I'm going to try it out on 9/15 and record them here for 4 weeks.


1. My husband made me coffee to go in the morning because he is so nice. 2. I called Connie on her birthday and we said I love you! 3. All my bingo boys won and I even won which never happens. I love when they win.


1. I got an unbelievable note in response to a note I had sent from my Grandmother's cousin. Filled with adorableness. I love old people. 2. I got to have a lunch picnic and read chick lit. I'm glad I stepped out of the office to enjoy some sunlight and quiet time away from my desk 3. I got a free dinner at my board meeting. Grateful that they fed us. The meeting went well too. It's finally getting on track.


1. A train came right as I walked up to the platform and I got a seat! 2. There was a giant sale at Banana Republic and I got to use my bday gift cards and stock up on new items. 3. I had a good day at work. Great annual review and awesome alumni event. yay!


1. It's beautiful weather today - mid 60s. 2. My husband made coffee for me again this morning because I'm spoiled. 3. I received another wonderful card in response to one I sent from a family friend.


1. The sun is up and it's Friday. I got to sit outside and soak up the sun for a few moments after a meeting. YES! 2. we booked our January trip to San Francisco and Tahoe for Rob's 30th. YES! 3. We had a lovely date night at a restaurant we frequent in our hood. YES!


1. We got to spend tons of quality time with our families and friends. Lots of love and lots of hugs. 2. I picked up my gorgeous Munich/Merano photo album. Turned out so nicely and I'm so happy with it. It's been on the back burner for ever and it's great to have something that important to me done 3. The girls made me laugh a lot on Saturday night. Needed it.


1. Connie time at the arcade. She never fails to make me smile. 2. Healthy dinner and happy/feel-good movie night. 3. Ass kicking workout that I needed.


1. I didn't wake up feeling exhausted for once - on a Monday especially. yay! 2. I heard the most amazing Motown acapella group at the Lake Red Line Stop. They even had dance moves! It was impossible not to smile. 3. I put myself to bed early and read a lot of my chick lit book.


1. Our alumni chaplain, Father Bill came by for a visit and he's just so cheery! 2. My friend Jamie and her daughter Allie came to visit and spend the night. 3. I got to check out some spots around the hood that I hadn't yet.


1. I had to take a sick day which I hate but I got a lot of sleep which I needed. 2. I also got to finish my book and have some quiet time. 3. I ended up keeping my afternoon meetings and I got to duck into the Cultural Center in between them to view some cool art.


1. My friend Ryann is doing a damn good job cheering me up on this difficult week with videos and pics of cute animals! 2. I splurged and ordered Jimmy John's for lunch and it made me unreasonably happy. 3. Shalva hosted us for Rosh Hashanah on our monthly wine night and it was a beautiful meal and I was surrounded by my best friends. So grateful.


1. I took the time to attend the St. Vincent de Paul Feast Day Prayer Breakfast. I love participating in activities like this for Vinnie refreshers. 2. I forced Rob to go square dancing with me at Old Town School of Folk. It was pretty amusing. 3. I emailed and reached out to a ton of family members and loved getting the responses.


1. I got to sleep in and wake up without an alarm. 2. We spent the day in Michigan and it was the best day I've had in awhile. Petting zoo, swinging on the bluff, farmers market, our favorite pizza, apple picking. Seriously great. 3. We enjoyed a healthy dinner on our porch and I crafted cards for my best buds the rest of the night.


1. I ended up getting to join my friend Tara at Chicago Gourmet downtown last minute. Soaking up the sun and stuffing face. 2. We celebrated my brother's birthday and enjoyed playing a new game. It was good family time. 3. I don't remember why we were laughing so much but right before bed Rob and I were laughing and joking and I went to bed smiling.


1. PICNIC LUNCH in 78 degree weather. HELL YES. 2. a check in email from my friend Ryann was incredibly comforting. She's the best. 3. John was SO cute when he won at bingo tonight I teared up. 4. I read my chick lit book quietly on the couch for an hour. It was glorious. Yes this day had 4 good things.


1. This just wasn't a great day but Rob did make me coffee. 2. I got to see a handful of my nicest volunteers and event. 3. I made nachos when I got home and they ruled.


1. My brother's birthday! Had a nice quick chat with him and my dad. 2. We hosted two nice events. The attendees were very grateful and happy to participate which is always nice. 3. I took the time to have a lunch picnic, soak up the sun and read my book.


1. A bunch of the cards I made hit mailboxes and everyone's responses are making me happy. 2. I got to have dinner with my best friend at one of my favorite places. 3. Rob made me my lunch so that I could go to sleep early after a long, tough day.


1. My best friends are so supportive and kind during this hard time. 2. Dunkin Donuts coffee. Yes. 3. We got to celebrate our friends Jenni & Aaron's rehearsal dinner.


1. We enjoyed brunch at my cousin Kate's before departing for the wedding. It was so nice to spend time together. 2. When I'm at weddings I'm always reminded of how much I love Rob and how lucky I am to have him as my husband. He's the best date and the best husband. 3. We got to send off our friends with hugs and love as they start their new life in DC.


1. My mom helped me at my pumpkin patch event and it was a sunny, beautiful day. She was the best helper. 2. I had a killer, killer workout. Felt great! 3. Great Connie time painting pumpkins. I especially loved when she told me how sometimes she likes a mess.


1. Our anniversary! We got so many well wishes from friends and family. It truly warmed my heart. 2. We celebrated with a decadent meal at BOKA. Delic! 3. I finally got to share the anniversary plans with Rob for our weekend getaway to Michigan. We're both so excited.


1. We had my uncle's funeral mass. It was pretty awesome to meet all the people he touched throughout his life. We got to see a side of him that I would have never known. 2. I got to share my favorite photos of Bill with his wife, Joan. It made me really happy to see her enjoy them. 3. I made it to a hard fitness class at the end of the night and felt so much better after the difficult day.


1. We had my uncle's burial. It was a bright and sunny day and I think he was shining his light down on us to make the day a little easier. 2. I got to hear the story of how Bill and Joan met and I loved it. They were set up and met at a mutual friend's wedding. After the wedding they took a walk around the block and made plans for another date. The rest is history. 3. I got to do kickbox with my friend Mary. I didn't realize how much I needed to see a friend until I saw her smiling face!


1. I started a craft for my mom and it's making me really happy to collect everything for it. 2. I caught a glimpse of fireworks after an event at Navy Pier. They're usually on Wednesdays so it was definitely a surprise. 3. I got to see my brother in law's super fun band play and also spend time with my best friend, Ry and her super fan boyfriend.


1. We departed for our Michigan getaway after work! 2. When we arrived we got to visit Greenbush Brewery and have fantastic food and beers. 3. We spent true quality time together with no stresses or distractions.


1. We had a delicious breakfast at the b&b and we were happy to sit by ourselves - we always hate chit chatting with other guests. 2. We tried kayaking, biking and hiking. It was really fun to be so active and it was a gorgeous day. 3. We took 2 naps!


1. Another gorgeous day and delicious breakfast at the b&b. 2. We discovered this cool park that had a boardwalk by a marsh and then a canopy walkway overlooking the Galien River. We enjoyed hiking around. 3. Enjoyed 2 of our favorite, way too suspenseful Sunday night shows - The Walking Dead and Homeland - before going to bed early. 4. I got a fantastic email from Rob's aunt in response to one I had recently sent. Put a big smile on my face.


1. There was no traffic because it's Columbus Day! 2. I wore the necklace Lee gave me to bingo and it made him so happy. 3. I put myself to bed at 10 p.m. and it was glorious.


1. I took a lot of time to work on Paris planning. It feels good to have a better sense of what we're doing while we're there. 2. I chatted with Connie before a super hard spin class. She is so hilarious. She always puts a huge smile on my face. 3. My oldest, dearest friend and her family came over to share that pizza and ask us the most amazing question! If we'd be the Godparents for their next baby! We are so honored and thrilled! I love Meg, Ry, Bella & Emi so much and I can't wait to meet baby #3! Bella saying "I love you" on the way out the door made my heart burst. Emi saying "Mommy I'm having fun." at the dinner table was equally heart bursting. 4. I received very thoughtful sympathy cards from my best friend Tara and family friends the Holmans. Everyone has been so kind!


This is the last day of my challenge! 1. my colleague brought in munster donuts. YUM! 2. I had a crazy hard workout with Mary. Felt great though! 3. Rob and I made a superb dinner of rice, tomatoes, chickpeas, spinach, parmesan and roasted delicata squash. So good.

These little things don't seem that groundbreaking but they are the little things that make my day. I think taking the time to think about the nice or happy moments in my day really make me more serene, grateful and happy. Sometimes it was hard to pick out something specific that made me happy or that was good that day, especially during some difficult times with the loss of my uncle. However, picking out these little bright spots and then going back and reading them definitely made me smile. It's funny to see the trends - coffee clearly has a big impact on my happy moments, spending time away from my desk or enjoying outside during the work day, my best friends, Connie & my bingo boys, quality time with Rob and my fam, early bed times all seem to make me quite happy.

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