Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I like to think that I try to keep a grateful attitude throughout the entire year, but I try extra hard during November and around Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for everyday and I feel so lucky to have the life that I do. Here's my November gratitude list.

This month I am grateful for...
A beautiful, cozy apartment/roof over my head
A fridge full of food, access and funds to purchase food and never going hungry
A closet full of clothes, access and funds to get more clothes when I need them and everything I need to stay warm during the winter
My job that helps me pay the bills, but also expose me to many amazing opportunities, resources and people.
A car that makes getting around much easier and being able to afford gas
My handsome, patient, kind, loving, supportive, talented, comforting, generous husband. He's my everything.
My supportive and loving family that loves me unconditionally and supports me in everything that I do. Plus they're pretty fun to be around too.
My in-laws that are incredibly supportive and kind-hearted. I'm so lucky to be part of their fam.
My health. Despite having a cold right now, I'm so grateful to lead a generally healthy life and have access to healthcare when I need it. I'm grateful for the ability to exercise, walk where I need to go, see and hear the world around me
A giant group of amazing girlfriends. I find so much comfort from my girls when I need it, inspiration to be a better person/employee/sister/daughter/wife/friend, lots of laughter and shared values, interests and understandings. So lucky. So much love.
My seniors at bingo. They make me smile, tell me they love me and treat me like family. LOVE.
My Best Buddy, Connie. She is one in a million and I'm so grateful that I got paired up with my funny, slightly devious, crafty buddy. LOVE.
The ability and means to travel around the world
My education and access to more if I want it.
The city of Chicago. Sometimes it lets me down with it's terrible weather, crime, CTA crappiness, it is still home and a place I'm proud to call home filled with so many beautiful nooks and crannies, world class museums and restaurants, fun things to do and nearly all of my favorite people. CHILOVE.
Never being lonely and always surrounded by love and support.
Alone time.
Coffee and Coke Zero.
Easy internet access, easy texting, easy ways to communicate with friends and family.
Memories with loved ones to last a lifetime.
To never have faced any major hardships and to lead a very blessed and comfortable life.

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