Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i'm spoiled rotten.

last night i went to see the yeah yeah yeahswith my man. for free. and sat in the vip section. it was awesome. this isn't out of the ordinary. my man works in the music "biz" and can get us free tickets to practically any show in chicago. we have seen some amazing shows together but the absolute best=lollapalooza 2007 artist passes. i honestly don't know how he got that but i didn't ask questions. it was pretty unreal wandering around the artist lounges and running into perry farrell-literally running into him-and sitting on stage for the black keys and m.i.a. i love going to shows with him and i'm so glad that we can do it so often.

the bf isn't the only one that gets me into shows and other free vip situations. one of my best buds got a hook up and took me to madonna for free. INSANE. same bff took me to an absolut mango launch party that was full of free alcohol, giveaways and entertainment. she has also managed to get us complimentary bottles of champagne, vip seating and give me a free ipod touch....she's nuts. another friend took me to a cubs game a few weeks ago. another bff took me to a fancy fundraiser earlier this year. she also knows the manager at one of the bars we frequent so we get free food and drinks there. another bud knows quite a few stand-up comedians and gets us into shows for free and usually a bit of quality time with the comedian afterwards.

i do get some decent things on my own. when i worked for luna i got to fly out to cali a few times and always had a ton of luna goodies and product. when i was in undergrad i got to go to san diego for a leadership conference and meet comedians and bands through the organization i was involved with. i have also gotten some pretty nice hookups through my current job. free cubs game and trips to d.c. and baltimore. but the only thing i was able to offer my friends was free tickets to xanadu. right up there with madonna right? when i write everything out it seems absolutely out of control how spoiled i am. you'd think with all these hook ups and freebies i would have a lot more money.

i'm one lucky girl.

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