Monday, May 18, 2009

LUNA love.

after a particularly rough work day on saturday i was desperate for sunday to be wonderful. and wonderful it was. i had signed up to work a promo event for LUNA Bar, who makes whole nutrition bars for women ( i had the opportunity to do an absolutely amazing internship with LUNA my senior year of college and work for them briefly after i graduated. LUNA provides product for various events throughout the city - especially during the spring & summer - and i try to staff them when i can to get a little LUNA love.

this particular event was a bridal expo. this was great for me because i could check out vendors for work and for play. i started the day with a nice walk in the sunshine to meet the current LUNA intern for my alma mater who also works on regional events. she is quite possibly the most cheerful person i know and i am so grateful to know her! then we headed to the expo to meet one of my favorite buds from college who was going to staff the event with me. working the expo turned out so much better than we expected. not only were the brides totally great, we also got a bunch of free wedding cake and sweets samples! i also got to see some other familiar faces throughout the day- someone from work who was recently engaged, one of my best friends checking out vendors for her mom's upcoming nuptials and a girl i knew in high school. it didn't even feel like work and that's why i love LUNA. getting paid to make people happy with free samples, enjoy free samples myself and to chat with friends is a good way to be.

after the expo, i popped into whole foods which is totally a happy place for me. i got all of my favorite natural and organic foods to enjoy this week. then i spent the night with my man who didn't complain when i wanted to watch my best friend's wedding :)

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  1. i went to my first wedding expo last january and totally loved it! the madness, the excitement, the glowing faces :) sounds like you had a great time too! :)