Friday, May 15, 2009

this week's highlights

sunday: found out that my oldest friend is now a mrs. after a visit to the court house! thrilling. couldn't be happier for her and her new hubby!
monday: i went to my high school for their career day to speak about my job. it was so weird to go back and see all that has changed but fantastic to motivate all the underclassmen and see my favorite teacher.
tuesday: got to go to the cubs vs padres game for FREE thanks to my good friend. nothing beats cold beers, hot dogs and girl talk at wrigley field.
wednesday: i got a 100% on my midterm exam somehow!
thursday: my event for work went SO well. we hosted an etiquette dinner for graduating students and young alumni. it was fantastic to see both parties connecting over a delicious meal and etiquette lessons.
friday: no highlight yet...but i imagine that will change when it's officially the weekend :)
i wasn't having a very good day today - it's quite dreary out in chicago and i was frustrated with a situation at work. but taking a look back at all the highlights from the week perked me up quite a bit!

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  1. sounds like you had a great week :) congrats on your exam! what an accomplishment :)