Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lucky me photo collection.

i'm so lucky because of the people in my life and the wonderful, exciting things i get to do with them all.

top to bottom - left to right: 1. visiting my bff in munich for oktoberfest '08 2. posing in praha with zdenek - my amazing tour guide from study abroad 3. horseback riding in lake geneva with my bff 4. feeding the penguins at brookfield zoo for my '09 valentine's day gift 5. bff photo shoot 6. with my wonderful parents and the bf in front of my favorite ice cream shop in michigan 7. shot of my study abroad girls in vienna 8. with my other family - the bf's at hunky dory 2009 9. all my best friends on my 25th bday 10. one of my fav pics with the bf in san francisco

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