Wednesday, July 21, 2010

cramming it in

so this weekend was quite full - and totally great! i'm about to leave for a week long vaca and then shortly after that i'm going to france for 12 days so i'm really trying to spend a lot of time with friends and the people i love before i can't see them for awhile. i'm so glad that everyone has been making time to hang out with me!

friday my bud tara had an urban picnic - she fired up her new grill and we burned the crap out of asparagus and onions but sort of successfully made potatoes and also rocked the brats. she spread blankets out on her porch and lit some candles and poof - an urban picnic/bbq! the guest list was fabulous! my friend caitlin was in from cali, jamie in from michigan, shalva back from israel, tara's friend from oregon and our friends jenny and nicole. it was super fun and i'm so glad we all got together to enjoy the great weather. afterwards we grabbed drinks close by and it was a slight disaster because everyone at the bar was so intoxicated but fun nonetheless.

on saturday me, caitlin and jamie went to brunch and john's place. i had this delic skillet type thing with ham, potatoes, eggs and more. it was super yummie! afterwards we went to the sheffield garden walk and met our friends bryan and his girlfriend tal. we checked out the gardens and some of them were really pretty. it was BLAZZZZING hot and we were all really uncomfortable. we made a pit stop in floriole for water and treats. i've been wanting to check it out for weeks. i had a fruit tart and it was incredibly overpriced but it was divine! then we went to the fest and met up with our friend shalva and i saw my friends band play. i left the fest a little early to hit the road to go to my friend meg's for a girlie slumber party. we got pizza, drank wine and talked for hours about horrible fashion choices in high school. i recalled a hot pink stretchy one shouldered tank that had silver sparkly flames on the bottom. GROSS! so funny though. it was a ton of fun and meg and her daughter bella are good hostesses!

the next day i ran to my parent's house for catching up and lunch and then went to rob's family's house (without rob because he was at pitchfork) to celebrate cody's graduation. i love his family so it was great to spend time with them and to see how much little luke has grown since i last saw him! then i came back to chicago and went out with caitlin for her last night in the city. we grabbed drinks close by and stayed out pretty late for me!! i was wiped monday but still had energy for bingo. then nicole and ryann came over for a few beers and catch up which was nice. i finally got to see rob after not seeing him forever because of pitchfork. i like when he's around all the time :) then last night i went out to dinner at devon seafood grill with darcy and molly. it was wonderful to spend time with them and to try some new foods - i got walu (a light white fish), asparagus and lobster mac & cheese. YUM! we all felt very full afterwards but it was worth it!

overall i feel like i'm really fitting everyone and everything in. it's turning out to be one heck of a summer and i can't wait to make it even better with hunky dory (yes its actually called that!) next week and france on august 3. it's flying by!

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