Thursday, July 15, 2010

morning commute fashion show!

every once and awhile i go through little funks with hating my wardrobe. i'm in one of those funks at the moment. and i even just went shopping! i got a few completely unpractical items. i went for new dresses and new work tops. i got 2 tank tops, 1 dress, 2 random patterned tops, a purse and some other crap. not really what i needed and now i go to work everyday in the same old crap and i'm totally over it! every morning on my commute i'd admire other girls' outfits and long for a completely different wardrobe. there is no particular style that i focus on. i like the funky clothes, the professional outfits, put together looks and more. just this morning i was checking out all the sleek and sophisticated sleeveless dresses on ladies walking by. yesterday i was checking out high waisted skirts with flowy blouses. i get frustrated that i don't have any interesting pieces that i always just look so so for work and that i never feel very stylish. i get very jealous of girls with great accessories like belts or scarves. i'm so low maintenance, i'm don't really do accessories very well. i have no clue how to make my wardrobe more complete and satisfying. maybe i need a stylist? i'm just not very good at looking at the big picture when i shop so i don't know where to start. anyone else have any pointers on how to tackle your wardrobe??


  1. Ugh.. I feel EXACTLY the same way you do! This spring I finally decided that when I shop if I reach for something I'd normally get, I don't let myself buy it. I'm focusing on accessories, shoes, and things that could jazz up what I already have!

    AND, I decided to try thrift shopping. Some of my fav bloggers are huge into it and always the most interesting styles... so I figure, it can't hurt, right?

  2. thrifting is a great idea!! i used to do it all the time, i need to find some good places in the city. thanks for the tip :)