Thursday, July 1, 2010

25 in Review.

tomorrow is my 26th birthday. 25 has been great. i'm not sure i'm ready to move into the second half of my twenties but it's coming whether i like it or not. i have a lot to look forward to and a lot of great memories to look back on. some of my favorite memories from 25 are:

* ringing in 25 with a big surprise birthday party planned by rob and my best buds! it was the best birthday ever!

* taking lots of trips and vacations - hunky dory with the jensen fam, nashville to visit rob's aunt fran, girls overnight in saugatuk, prague with rob over xmas, spring breaking in daytona beach with the horath fam, overnight in milwaukee and my recent san francisco trip to visit my bud caitlin and spend time with the new parents and my "nephew"

* sky diving with my best friend tara!

* getting a promotion!!!!!!!!

* 3 visits to chicago from my best friend that lives in germany

* trying out 26 new restaurants (and counting) since the new year.

* being a co-maid of honor in one of my bff's weddings! (another wedding coming up in the fall!!)

* becoming an "auntie" to the cutest little thing on the west coast - mr. luke :)

with everything i did this year, i got to do it with people i love in places that make me happy. i am so happy where i am right now. i love my job, i'm enjoying my friendships more than ever, more in love than ever, spending more time with both of my families and enjoying the wonderful city of chicago. i hope 26 brings just as much as 25!


  1. You are such a lucky gal have figured out the way to live life to the fullest! Good things come to good people and you deserve the best of everything. We love you Jen! Mama J

  2. What a wonderful life :) ! We're the lucky ones, though - we love having you in our family! See you in t minus 16 days!!! AHHH!!