Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 recap!

2010 was quite the year! it was full of wonderful memories and special occasions. here are some of the highlights!

i took 8 vacations/trips this year! i started the year in prague with rob, milwaukee with tara and ry, daytona beach with the horaths, california to visit caitlin and the liebls, hunky dory with the jensens, france with depaul folks, minnesota for rob's cousin's wedding and galena with my best girlfriends - not to mention several trips to michigan throughout the summer/fall. i can't believe i was out of town so much! i had so many amazing experiences with wonderful people and i can't be more grateful for all of the fun travel i did this year.

i was part of two weddings this year for two of my best friends! i had the honor of standing up in both weddings. it was so special to be part of two of my oldest and best friend's special days. i had an absolute blast at each wedding and both of the brides did a wonderful job!

i also became an "auntie" - unofficially. rob's sis had a perfect baby boy, luke. its been great watching him grow up over this past year and to be able share many memories with him and amy & tom.

i tried 64 new restaurants! my new year's resolution last year was to try as many new places as i could and i surpassed my goal! here's the list of all the places i tried:

tizi melloul, prosecco, nesh, blackbird, gemini bistro, may st. cafe, floriole, red mango, izaru, eleaven, bistrot zinc, duchamp, fireplace inn, piccolo sogno, firehouse grill, dmk burger bar, lucky's, devon seafood & grill, meze, sola, park grill, harmony grill, el nuevo, primebar, the counter, shiso, big star, falafel, kith & kin, fuego, cafe twist, five guys, renaldis, rhapsody, pho&i, jam, lokal, urban burger bar, the crossing, longman and eagle, chizakaya, revolution brewing, zocalo, cookie bar, birds nest, m burger, sable, fresca at macy's, del seoul, meatloaf bakery, paciugo, more cupcakes, al's beef, sunda, julius meinl, mista, bangers and lace, lovely, crisp, dog house, walnut room, table 52, castos, xoco.

i'm pretty proud of that list! it was a mix of fast food, burger joints, foodie spots, gourmet, dessert places, cafes and bars. i had a really hard time selecting my favorites but i think these are my top fives: longman and eagle, jam, table 52, nesh and crisp. my least favorites: fuego, blackbird, prosecco and urban burger bar are definitely places i will never return. honorable mentions: piccolo sogno, zocalo, kith & kin, julius menil, xoco and fireplace inn. i plan to keep track of all the new restaurants i try again this year because it's great to look back at all the amazing food i tried and meals i enjoyed.

this year's resolution is to be more spontaneous and allow more me time. i'm looking forward to all that 2011 has to offer! happy new year friends!

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