Thursday, January 6, 2011

transition from vaca back to the real world

monday was my first day back to work after just under 2 weeks off. i ended vacation with mixed emotions. the first half of vacation was busy and full of family time but the second half basically involved a lot of couch and tv time. i can't even really remember what i did...mostly because it was a whole lotta nothing. normally, i have a hard time relaxing and being lazy but i didn't have much trouble this time! my eyes didn't feel tired, my skin looked better and i was sleeping for about 9 hours every night. i did start to crave productivity and felt guilty for being so lazy so i was definitely ready to get back to work on monday. i am glad to have a handle on my projects, have a routine and to jump back into a regular social life. however, i'm really really really tired. i had my first class after 6 weeks of no school on tuesday. i actually loved it! i like the content, the format and the professor. i'm so glad to be back in a classroom learning relevant things that i can apply to my work and my life. BUT i'm not quite ready to be doing homework again...i have so much reading to do and i don't even know how to sit down and do it anymore. i also didn't work out over break and monday was my first work out back. it was pretty standard but yesterday i decided to take a cardio kickboxing class...i haven't seen my face turn so red since jr. high basketball. it was sooo hard and i'm sooo out of shape. i ended up in bed at 10 p.m. but still feel totally exhausted. my calendar is nice and full - just as like it. filled with work functions, fitness classes and fun social outings. i'm so excited for so many things - a wine tasting tonight, weezer concert tomorrow, ice skating on saturday and several birthday parties - it's going to be a great month! but my body hasn't adjusted back to productive yet. i'm still stuck on the desire to sit around and do nothing. there are so many things i like about my non-vacation life but i need to get back in the groove!! hopefully i snap back soon!


  1. So nice to relax for a bit! Sounds like you have a great month ahead too! I feel the same, I like that time to be lazy, but them I'm itching for something to do or a project to work on! How was the Weezer concert? Sounds so fun! =) I hope January is going well so far and that you are getting back into that groove! =)

  2. thanks for your comment melanie! weezer was really really fun! we lucked out and got seats in the balcony so we were away from the madness!