Friday, January 21, 2011

week in review

so all those things i was looking forward to over the weekend were ruined by some weird stomach bug i picked up :( on friday after the gym i just went home and laid on the couch to study and watch tlc bridal shows while my stomach ached. saturday morning i had to wake up and volunteer for 7 hours - which was fun and it went well but i almost vomited numerous times. i came home to nap and woke up even worse and tried to pull it together and go to mary's birthday dinner. i made it there but got sick at the restaurant and had to leave :( i got more sleep and have an awesome boyfriend who left a concert to bring me ginger ale and make me toast - i woke up feeling a little better the next day and pulled it together to go to the hawks game. i wasn't going to miss that!!! i still didn't feel very good but the hawks winning the game and quality time with mary and caitlin was a good temporary fix. monday i had to leave work early and skip bingo, which i HATE to do. i rested up a lot and ate a real meal of plain chicken breast and rice. big step up from the toast and soup i had been consuming for 3 days straight. i woke up the next day feeling almost back to normal and went off to class that night. i really do love my class. i'm learning so much and it really reminds me that i did make the right choice for my program. lots of potential thesis topics are arising. then on wednesday, i woke up and felt like a whole new woman! i'm still exhausted but no stomach issues anymore - knock on wood. i got to get a work out in and then go to the girl & the goat with tara for dinner. i've been DYING to try it. we ordered way too much ofcourse - we had their special bread with whipped goat cheese and a tomato spread, a goat, yogurt and cheese pizza, a chickpea fritter with goat cheese and hummus, crispy chicken breast and a chicken empanada, ham frites and sweet potato gratin with crispy onions and bleu cheese. we could have probably done without the pizza for sure but we wanted to try something with goat. my favorites were the sweet potatoes and crispy chicken breast. none of it blew my mind but everything was good - thoughtful, interesting and good flavor combos. but the best part was just spending time with tara - it had been awhile! and last night i got some quality time with my man - we went to see blue valentine which i thought was a super depressing version of 500 days of summer. i liked it though and i thought ryan gosling was phenomenal. tonight we're off to u of i to see his bro play in his bluegrass band. i'm really looking forward to it! and tomorrow is bella's 2nd birthday party. so the week had it's ups and downs but hopefully the rest of january will be fabulous!

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