Tuesday, May 24, 2011

life is so much better....

in the new apartment! rob and i are loving the new place so much! it's so awesome to have a full sized comfortable couch to lay on together instead of the tiny love seat we had in my old apartment. we love our huge windows on the front of the apartment that let tons of light in and showcase the huge, beautiful trees just outside our door. when it's cool enough to open windows it lets in a great breeze and you can hear the leaves shaking. it's fantastic! we love having a giant sized kitchen that allows us both to be in it at the same time without stepping all over each other. we love going grocery shopping together and cooking for each other. still can't get over having a washer & dryer too. we really love that there is not a stompy foot giant living above us anymore. and we keep talking about going out for drinks in the new hood because there are so many places to check out and i know as soon as we do, it'll make us love life in roscoe village even more!

*very happy in our new home*

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