Tuesday, May 17, 2011

wedding update!

rob and i have just started planning things for the wedding but it's still coming together slowly. we saw one venue a few weeks ago that we had already been to and weren't super impressed. but this weekend we went to 2 that were awesome!!! the first one was gallery 1028 on goose island. the coordinator was a PRO and we really clicked. the space is all exposed brick with a cool wood plank floor. we really loved the layout and the vibe but they have a lot of crazy extra fees we weren't into. still a possibility. we got a quote from their only caterer option yesterday and it was partially what we wanted (comfort food) and partially not. i wasn't too impressed. then we went to architectural artifacts further north. it's an antiques store with a large atrium for event event spaces. it's pretty awesome! we loved the look and feel but the staff was pretty weird....they also require security and insurance which adds up quite a bit. but the pros outweigh the cons there and we really love it. most importantly - they have a ping pong table we can use. what more could we want!? i'm going to floating world gallery on thursday and we are scheduled to go see prairie production this saturday and a new leaf on sunday. after that, we should probably have a winner but we have about 2-3 more possibilities if needed. i can't wait to have our venue set so that we can begin planning all the fun little details like decor and invites!

we're also getting our engagement pics done on sunday. it's supposed to thunderstorm and we're going to the lincoln park zoo. i do have a super cool 60's style clear bubble umbrella we can use as a prop but not if it's down pouring. fingers crossed that it's ok for the hour we're shooting! fingers crossed that we don't look completely idiotic...i have faith in the photogs we've selected though. check em out! - http://stofferphotography.com/index2.php.

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