Tuesday, May 10, 2011

weekend highlights!

i had an awesome weekend but it definitely went by too fast! on friday i had a great workout and grabbed some groceries before getting on the train. i accidentally got on the purple line instead of the brownline and ended up in evanston :( whoopsie. when i got there, i hopped on the redline and rob picked me up. i laughed the whole time. i'd normally get super mad but i was in a good mood and just decided to roll with the punches. we drove to half acre brewery to pick up a growler and then to great lakes pizza to get a very gourmet pie. we headed home and enjoyed our dinner and then our friends molly, hogan and his girlfriend lindsay stopped by for some beers and to check out our new place. it was the perfect relaxing night. on saturday i had to get up early to volunteer at casa central for our annual day of service. we were painting two rooms...i suck at painting. i eventually was able to move on to an organization project - much more up my alley. afterwards tara and i stopped by a charity bake sale for some delicious treats that benefited the homeless. after i got home i watched a sex and the city marathon and sort of did homework before going to see something borrowed with tara, mary and colleen. we loved it! i think chick flicks are stepping up their game. it was much better than i expected. afterwards we went to birds nest to see tara's mechanic's band play - there was a cover so we just listened from the front of the bar and grabbed some beers and wings. we hit up another bar before calling it a night. i had such a good time and definitely needed a fun night with my girlfriends! on sunday i got to spend the day with my mama downtown. we went to macy's to look at registry options and fell in love with a variety of housewares. registering will be so fun! then we grabbed a quick bite before going to the joffrey ballet. we've gone several times together and it's always such a treat. it was beautiful and we really loved it. afterwards we did some shopping and then parted ways. it was a great day! i couldn't believe it was already sunday night and time to start a new week. i'm realllly looking forward to this weekend and i can't wait for it to be friday!

enjoy the beautiful spring weather everyone :)

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