Monday, June 20, 2011

busy week, lazy weekend

last week i celebrated my freedom from school by going out nearly every night. on monday we celebrated our friend's birthday at a bar in wicker park, tuesday i went to the MCA for free night and listened to music on the terrace and then i met tara for a ballet class at the joffrey. wednesday i had an event and then went out to dinner with jacki and tara at quartino's and thursday i picked up a foster kitten then grabbed a bite with ryann, nicole and nicole's friend nora at pegasus on their great rooftop. i took a personal day on friday and i hung out with the foster kitten for awhile, did some laundry, then took myself out to lunch at southport grocery, shopped around on southport and then got a pedicure. later on rob and i saw tree of life (which we hated). on saturday i had an event at the arlington racetrack and i invited my dad, pro horse racing better, for father's day. the event is always a bit difficult to juggle but always turns out very fun. there's a big food buffet and a great view of the track inside a nice room. we placed some bets and i think we came out even. we watched the last race from the track and it's so much more exciting down there! we had a great time together. later on saturday, i met mary for wine at vintage 338 - a really cute wine bar in lincoln park. we enjoyed several glasses of wine and yummie cheese. on sunday, i slept in, cleaned the apartment, went grocery shopping and then proceeded to lay around for hours and hours. lazy sundays are the best! rob and i watched my netflix movie, please give (didn't love it), made a nice healthy dinner and then went out for gelato. it was the nicest, most relaxing weekend after the busiest week ever! this week will probably be the most relaxing of the entire summer. i barely have anything planned and this weekend is pretty open as well. i'm trying to enjoy it as much as i can before life gets crazy again in mid july when school starts again.

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