Wednesday, June 8, 2011

summer in the city

it's officially summer in the city with 90+ degree weather to prove it! i had an amazing weekend full of fun activities. i took a half day on friday so that i could run some errands and work on schoolwork before rob's family came up to see our new place and eat dinner. it was so fun to have visitors over, especially our little 1 year old nephew luke! he was enjoying running back and forth and beating on some of rob's drums. i'm so glad we got to spend time with them before they went back to california and before his little brother and his gf went on their trip to bali. later on rob and i met up with some of our friends at mayfest, the annual german festival in lincoln square. it's one of my favorites! we enjoyed some hofbrau brews and polka and then visited our friend shalva who was working at brownstones. on saturday i was productive and worked on my paper before rob took me to a beer & cheese tasting for our anniversary. we went to pastoral wine & cheese in the loop which is one of my favorite places to get a special, cheesy treat. we learned about paring craft beers with different cheeses and really loved it! so many tasty pairings! it was the most beautiful night out so we went for a walk along the river and grabbed a carriage ride, courtesy of my aunt and cousins who gave us some cash for an engagement gift specifically for a carriage ride. we got to go along lakeshore drive and enjoy the beauty of the lake. it was a really great treat and quite romantic :) on sunday my mama came up to see our apartment, grab lunch, and then check out the wedding venue. we had a great time together and i was so glad to see the venue again! i love it just as much as i did last time! unfortunately my mom's car broke down and she had to hang out a little longer than she anticipated but she eventually made it home and we still had a great day together.

now it's finals week and i'm exhausted and crabby but looking forward to it all being over by the end of the day tomorrow and having another amazing weekend!

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