Thursday, June 23, 2011

lazy week coming to a close

i have had the laziest, least busy week i've had in years and i have had mixed emotions about it. usually i hit the gym after work and then have plans of some sort afterwards - this week it was pretty much just the gym and then home. rob and i watched a lot of t.v. and played with the foster kitty a lot. i cooked myself dinner EVERY night this week - that NEVER happens. i feel more tired than normal and i was so unproductive even though i had gobs of time on my hands. on monday i took a very hard fitness class, went to bingo, cooked a nice dinner and parked it in front of the t.v., tuesday i took another fitness class, cooked a nice dinner and parked it in front of the t.v. - i was supposed to go to a movie in the park but it got rained out, yesterday i went to the chiropractor and did a bit of shopping downtown. then i cooked dinner, worked on a photo album, ordered prints, and listened to rob's online radio performance and went to bed early. tonight, i'm going to the gym and maybe going to a concert and finally tomorrow i'm definitely going out after the gym and i'm busy all weekend. as much as i enjoy having nothing on the schedule, i haven't really enjoyed it as much as i should. i think i need to be pretty busy to keep me productive and it keeps my energy level higher. having so much downtime makes me just want more downtime and i just end up doing nothing with my free time. next week i have something every single night before leaving for my long weekend in michigan and i like it! i definitely need to continue to work on finding a healthy balance between insanely busy and completely not busy. the quest continues!

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