Wednesday, November 2, 2011

me & my masters

it's been a long and tough journey getting my masters. i started the program in winter '09 doing one class at a time. i usually enjoyed my one class and was able to dedicate an adequate amount of time and energy to it. then in spring 2010 i decided that it was time to pick up the pace and i was ready to be done. i started taking 2 classes for the first time. not only did it hurt my bank account, it really hurt my free time, gym time and limited my availability for working events. that spring i took one great class and one awful one. i plowed through and ended up signing up for one over the summer. that was the first time i did that and i'm so glad i did. even though the professor was sort of a joke (letting us out early all the time & doing power points out of order), i learned some stuff in a condensed amount of time. this fall brought me to the end of the program - my last 2 classes and my exams. i've been enjoying both of my two classes this quarter and learning a lot but as soon as i started studying for my comprehensive exams i started to go a little batty. my brain can only hold so much information and i'm starting to lose it. my first 2 exams are this saturday and i feel ok about them. my boss is awesome and has let me take off the past 2 fridays and this friday to prepare. i'm just so ready to get them out of the way and start studying for the last one next weekend. after that i have 1 week of classes and 3 papers standing between me and my's hoping it goes by fast because i'm at the end of my rope!

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