Friday, August 3, 2012

Hunky Dory 2012

We had another great week up at Hunky Dory with the Jensen Family! We were really lucky with several days of hot, sunny weather for lots of time in the water, sunbathing and floating out in the lake. I got to ski and canoe and do morning walks with Rob's mom and sister-in-law. We ate as much as we could handle like usual. Played some bags, lots of ping pong and some euchre. Lots of quality time on the porch swings that I love dearly. Ate some curds and burgers at The Eagle. Watched a real bald eagle grab it's lunch from the lake. Hung out with some cute frogs. Team effort to complete a very difficult puzzle and saw plenty of shooting stars. Mostly, I worked on my tan, my mindless reading and checked out of real life for a week - which is always much needed! There were several family members missing this year so it was a bit quiet and a little different, but still a great year. Can't wait for next year when the entire family can be together!

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