Tuesday, August 7, 2012

2 months away!

The big day is only 60 days away!!!! Things are coming together nicely and we're always working on something for the wedding when we're at home. We sent out our invitations a couple of weeks ago and we've already gotten a number of replys - all yeses! I picked up our rings - which turned out perfectly! I had my first hair trial that was terrible so I have a new place I'm trying next week. I'm going to my first dress fitting tonight and Rob is working on getting his suit tailored. Our first shower hosted by my aunts and mother is this Sunday. My makeup trial is at the end of the month. We're almost done with the ceremony and the playlist for the reception. Rob's been working on designing signage for throughout the reception and I've been tackling some diy projects. My mom finished the flower girl flag and she's going to tackle the ring bearer pillow next. And we've been working on finalizing all the plans for our honeymoon in Charleston and Savannah, which has been so fun! I truly feel like we've been kicking ass - I only get stressed every once and awhile but for the most part we've stayed really on top of things. I've started getting emotional thinking about walking down the aisle to my babe - realizing how soon it is and how excited I am to make it official! Can't wait!

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