Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Most memorable concerts

Last night Rob and I saw The Rolling Stones! THE STONES!!!!!!!!! They are THE band I've been dying to see for years and I finally got to see them live in concert and it was AMAZING! We had SO much fun and they put on an incredible show. So excited that I get to cross that off my bucket list. The show got me thinking about other epic shows that I've been to and I started to make a list. The most memorable concerts for me have been:

1. Stones for sure

2. Daft Punk at Lolla

3. Madonna at the United Center

4. Snoop Dogg

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers at Lolla

6. Phoenix at Park West

7. Weezer & No Doubt - first concert in 7th grade

8. Grizzly Bear at Metro

9. Steve Martin & Punch Brothers at Ravinia

10. Cake

I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but these are the ones that stand out. Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Cool Kids are ones that almost made the top 10. I'm so lucky to have had the opportunity to go to these great shows!

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