Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Happy Thoughts

It's my favorite type of weather - 70s and sunny!

It's almost Friday!

2 babies were born within the last week and we even got to drive Lydia to the hospital after her water broke on the dance floor at Lovelyn & Mike's wedding. It was quite memorable and her baby Nina is perfect and we're excited to meet Megan & Drew's baby Oliver who arrived on Sunday. Jamie is due in less than a month! We have to wait until October for Stef & Jeff's little one. Babies everywhere!

I'm getting back into my health groove thanks to more free time to cook and workout.

I'm getting to volunteer a lot more thanks to more free time and opportunities at work. Excited to volunteer with Rob at Breakthrough Urban Ministries in a couple of weeks and see my buddy, Connie soon!

In 3 months we'll be in Germany to celebrate Nessa & Tobi's wedding!!!

We're going to my favorite place next weekend - Michigan!!

My favorite fest is coming up in 2 weeks - MAIFEST!!!!

We're booking a trip to San Francisco to visit the Liebls for Labor Day! Can't wait for some quality time with Amy, Tom, Luke & Sofie!

All around, things are good and there's a lot to be grateful for!

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