Friday, December 19, 2014

Happy Thoughts:Part 2

Recently I posted 3 good things that happened to me everyday for a month after reading this article I enjoyed looking at the little things in life that made a big impact on my mood and happiness. I am going to do it again, but this time for things that I'm grateful for until I leave for winter break.

1. Volunteering with delightful kiddos and their moms. 2. Brief craft time with Lydia. 3. Dinner at the table with Rob.
1. Lee telling me he loved me at Bingo. 2. Time to catch up with Rob before bed. 3. Leftover mini cupcakes.
1. Fleece lined leggings. 2. The soup I made for lunches this week. 3. Mini cupcakes that were surprisingly delicious.
1. The homeless man that said "Hell yes! Thank you so much!" when I offered him one of the giant Potbelly's sugar cookies I purchased at my Chicago Cares Fundraiser. 2. The stranger that said God Bless you for helping after I gave a woman a dollar. 3. Getting home in time to watch Top Chef and craft.
1-3. BFF time at Wine night at Ryann's.
1. Not being horribly freezing today. 2. Our office's Thanksgiving potluck was really nice and I'm stuffed full of all sorts of carbs. 3. Getting new books at the library. 4. Fun comedy show at quality time with Caitlin.
1. A great ass kicking workout at PSF. 2. Lazy time with Rob. 3. Quality time with Mary.
1. A clean apartment. 2. Time to make healthy soup for lunches. 3. Craft time with Laura. 4. A healthy dinner. 5. Flowers from my husband.
1. Cozy sweatpants. 2. My bingo guys. 3. Quiet time.
1. Peaceful protests in Chicago. 2. Sunshine. 3. Amazing meal with Darcy and Frank at BoHo.
1. A day off. 2. Connie time. 3. Stef time. 4. The most amazing card from my "cousin" Grace. She's too cute!
1. Thankful for food and love on Thanksgiving! 2. Serving some really, really sweet seniors. 3. Enjoying fam time at my cousin's first Thanksgiving.
1. Burning off a small portion of the calories consumed at spin with Mary. 2. A very lazy day. 3. Spending time with Cody and seeing his band perform.
1. Getting most of my Christmas shopping done in one sitting. 2. Spring like weather. 3. Getting festive at the Christkindl market with the girls.
1. Making a couple little kids smile by making them paper crowns at Lurie's Children's Hospital. 2. Quiet time with Rob tearing it up on our puzzle. 3. Time for coffee and reading on my own.
1. Taking a new route to work and shortening my commute. 2. My gray cape to keep me cozy and comfy in my office. 3. Time to skype with the Liebls.
1. My husband getting up early to make me coffee. 2. It being sunny enough to need to wear sunglasses. 3. Free tix to a Bulls game thanks to my husband.
1. Sunshine. 2. Cheering for the women's bball team over lunch. 3. Getting make a healthy dinner and watch Top Chef.
1. Having my Grandmother's wedding band that reminds me of her when I wear it. 2. My supportive husband being there when I need him. 3. Supportive friends coming to my work event.
1. A book to read while waiting. 2. Cozy pjs for my sick day. 3. A night in with my husband.
1. Dunkin Donuts Coffee. 2. Laughter with my gals. 3. 10 hours of sleep.
1. Seeing Connie smile and tell me that she likes me a lot while coloring at a Christmas event together. 2. Getting back to the gym for a good workout and feeling strong. 3. Quality time with Lydia and movie theater popcorn.
1. Rain boots. 2. My dad. 3. Christmas lights on our block.
1. Dunkin Donuts Coffee. 2. Getting in the holiday spirit with Rob decorating our tree! 3. Access and funds for food and grocery runs whenever I want.
1. The bearable weather we've had the last couple weeks. 2. Getting everyone's Christmas gifts delivered. 3. Another amazing card from my Grandma's cousin.
1. Finding the perfect parking spot. 2. New episode of Serial today. 3. Cookie Exchange and lots of laughter at Nicole's.
1. TGIF. 2. Getting in the spirit at Christmas at DePaul with Shalva and Mary. 3. Having way too much fun out with them afterwards.

1. Free time. 2. Enjoying game night with my family. 3. Plotting and planning Christmas gifts with mom. I love gift giving!
1. A good sweat ses at Powersculpt. 2. Celebrating Grandpa's 92nd birthday with the Jensens while Rob played acoustic brunch. It was a very special way to celebrate. 3. Visiting Brookfield Zoo with Stef, Jeff and Taylor. It's one of my favorite places to visit and it was awesome to get to go with them. We saw a ton of animals too.
1. I got to have lunch with some of my Vincentian Heritage Tour trip colleagues. 2. Time to catch up on Homeland. 3. A warm bed and cozy apartment.
1. Dunkin coffee. 2. Vanessa & Tobi time! They came all the way up to the city to have lunch with me. I'm one lucky gal. 3. My husband letting me watching trashy Bravo tv shows.
12/17/14 1. My coworker brought us decadent coffee cake. Win! 2-3 Time with Ness, Tobi, Darc, Frank & Vicki and Rob.
1. Dunkin coffee. 2. A little sunshine poking through the clouds. 3. Alone time to cook and finish wrapping Christmas gifts. Felt good!
1. I'm always grateful for the security Rob and I have in life - our own apartment, food in the fridge, heat and money to pay the bills, a car, savings in the bank and each other. Feeling extra grateful for that today. 2. So grateful for to work somewhere that closes for the holidays and that Rob's office closes too. Can't wait to enjoy our break together and with our families and friends. 3. I get to celebrate Stef's birthday tonight and see lots of buds. Can't wait!

I loved looking back on this list to see the bright spots and little things that add up to make me incredibly grateful and happy. I'm so lucky to have a great group of loved ones and different opportunities around the city to enjoy. Feeling blessed and grateful heading into Christmastime! Happy Holidays!


  1. I LOVE this. Think I'll do this for the end of the year over on my blog. Happy Holidays to you and yours!

    1. Thanks for your comment! It really makes an impact on my happiness. Enjoy!