Wednesday, September 16, 2009

festival season

as the summer comes to a close i'm scrambling to attend the last few chicago fests of the season so that i can fully feel like i've taken advantage of this awesome chicago tradition. every year i wish i went to more and there are always fests that i am bummed i missed out on. this year however, i've done a pretty good job of hitting up a ton of fests!

it started with the wells street art faire i think where i bought some really cool pieces, then the do division fest for some cool bands and good food, then the metronome fest in logan square to see a friend's band play, next up was the randolph street fest for tara's birthday and it was blazzzzing hot but a ton of fun! i took a little bit of a timeout on festivals in july and only made it to the taste of chicago. then in august we started it off with the north hasted market days which is always the best people watching, then we did lollapalooza...well sort of. it was way too hot and smelly so we barely went. then later on in august we did the taste of greece which had the tastiest food ever. and now summer has come to an end but luckily there are still chicago fests in september! i stopped by celtic fest this sunday in honor of my irish heritage and then at night the bf and i went to the german-american fest for some beer and sausage. it was a blast! tomorrow i'm going to the berghoff oktoberfest. this weekend there is an apple fest i'm interested in. next weekend is oktoberfest in lincoln square, lakeview arts fest in my hood and the chinatown new moon festival. and i think that's it. all in all by the end of september i should have hit up a grand total of 15 festivals! i think that's pretty impressive. i love activities and taking advantage of this city so doing as many festivals as possible is a huge accomplishment to me! overall, the german-american fest has been my favorite with taste of greece in a close second. i'll have to report back on the last few!

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