Wednesday, September 23, 2009

getting old...

i have recently realized that i'm no longer a kid. sad. i don't party like a rockstar anymore, i don't rely on my parents for much of anything anymore, i'm financially independent and i don't have the energy to stay up much later than midnight during the week. i'm old. while i rejected the idea of being a grown up last year and still partied quite a bit in rebellion...i've now come to accept this new maturity and enjoy it. instead of evaluating my summer by how many crazy nights me and my girls had as i used to - i look back at this summer (and early fall) and think of all the wonderful memories i have. i've spent the last few months doing interesting activities, celebrating special occasions and spending quality time with the people i love. i went to a crap ton of festivals this summer, went to the zoo a couple of times with my parents and had a few trips to michigan. my best friend was in from munich with her bf this summer and we had so much fun having all of the high school girls reunited. my 25th birthday was so amazing and memorable - with the all girls pottery painting party and then the elaborate surprise party the next day - my bday alone could easily make this summer the best one yet. i also had some nice vacations - one to hunky dory with the bf's fam and another to nashville for a southern adventure. i spent a lot of time with friends -reconnected with the ones i hadn't seen for awhile and definitely hung out with my favorites too! we did more than just getting drunk at dive bars - but we did that too! we went to farmers markets, had a dinner party, saw a movie in the park, went to wine bars and all sorts of ther fun things. i hung out with the bf a ton and had lots of date nights. oh and i went skydiving!

overall, it wasn't my most exciting summer but it was probably one of the best and most memorable ones that i can remember full of quality time with family, friends and the bf and cool chicago activities. the rest of fall is looking pretty damn good too! i guess i can get used to this grownup stuff.

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